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Norfolk triangle

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
26 Jun 2017
Takeoff site: 

What a day! Norfolk club are very friendly and welcoming to all. I arranged to go ho there via Darren Barter, Jason Harper and Bill Bankes-Jones. They were all very accommodating. Travelled up in the morning with Mark Hugh Catherine whilst Kenny and will camp travelled up the night before. Will was doing his tow conversion. The triangle was set a little smaller than we originally planned as we were worried about the seabreeze coming in and the into wind leg at the end. The into wind leg never was a problem but the seabreeze did come into the field about 5pm.

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Safety Bulletin: EASINESS and EASINESS 2 reversible harnesses

The connection between the V-lines and the reserve on all EASINESS and EASINESS 2 reversible harnesses must be changed at the next opportunity. A replacement connection line can be obtained from ADVANCE free of charge.

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Membership Renewals

Please can everyone check to make sure that you have renewed your 2017/2018 SHG Club membership, particularly if you do not have a standing order in place. There are currently 128 'members' who have not renewed in this current membership year. Whilst I know that some will have consciously decided not to renew, others may simply have forgotten (there are some 'seasoned' names on this list). Renewing your membership is simple and straightforward if you follow the steps and links on the SHGC website.

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Today's Mid-Air Collision...

If anyone has any video of the mid-air collision at Mount Caburn today please would you send it to Dave Thompson at the BHPA. Please also let me have a copy if you would.

By a complete miracle nobody was fatally injured, but one of pilots was hospitalised (edit) with what transpired to be very serious injuries that will put him out of action for most of this season.

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777 Brake Pulleys

Apparently a number of 777 Rooks have had issues with pulleys jamming.
Don't assume that other 777 gliders are unaffected.

Please check yours and keep checking them.

777 are offering a fix.

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Jojo wings Instinct Paraglider

BHPA safety notice attached.

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Certificate of Appreciation - Kent, Surrey, & Sussex Air Ambulance - 2017

At the Club's AGM held at Glynde in April 2017, it was proposed and agreed that the Southern Club make a donation to help support the work of the Kent, Surrey. & Sussex Air Ambulance. An amount of £2,500 was also proposed and agreed by those present and, by proxy, by those whom had forwarded their voting authority to the Chairman or Secretary.

The Kent, Surrey, & Sussex Air Ambulance (which is a registered charity) have sent a Certificate of Appreciation to record their thanks. This is attached.

Steven Nicholls
SHGC - Treasurer