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U turn emotion 3

For sale New U turn emotion 3 sharknose size M, harness RX 3 size L , and reserve PROTECT III RIS L - 140 KG 38m².
+ Ozone nutshell fullface helmet , and ozone concertina bag

Everything is brand new. I bought it last autumn .I just did one top to bottom flight.
I am selling because i don't have time to fly at the moment , and i will be moving away.

You can check the gear, and i can send you pictures if you are interested.

Price £2200 for everything.


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Mentor 4

Nova Mentor 4 for sale.

Purchase date was 24/11/14 now has 22hrs airtime.

If your after a in mint condition.

Weight Range: 90 – 110 kgs £1550

My email on the web address below


ozone magnum 38

Ozone magnum 38 for sale

This glider is immaculate. Only used a few times by myself and Hugh Miller. 30 hours max.
Ideal for flying kids. Kids are getting bigger so buying bigger tandem.


Email me
Cheers ghandi

Swap Advance Comfortpack 2 for larger size

I'm looking to swap my Advance Comfortpack 2 115 litre for a 130 litre.

Mine is as new condition.

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Gin Sprint Evo 90 - 110 kg

High end B. Lovely glider. 110hrs. Only flown 3 times since last Loft service (Jan 2014). A bargain at £500. Includes concertina bag. Call me on 07557 433182 for viewing/test flight.



Im upgrading my wing

selling a UP Kantega XC 2 medium

If you have seen Dave Masey flying around my wing is the same colour

Approx 50 Hours

no damage lines and material all in very good condition

Comes with Concertina Bag UP rucksack inner bag riser bag

if interested message me direct



Niviuk Hook 3 25 for sale ( 80 – 100kg )


Contour roam 3 Sports camera



I have too many camera, so this one is for sale

its a contour roam 3 bought a couple of months ago for £179.00
colour is black
condition is as new

comes with usb cable and the two mounts it came with however one of them is on my helmet and will be removed but won't have the sticky back....

easy to fix with some 3m tape..

if interested make me an offer..

ill throw in a Micro usb card..


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Sky Anakis 75-95kgs. Independence Emotion Reversible Harness and matching Reserve

Still for sale, after two attempts at selling this kit is still for sale.

I am selling this on behalf of a friend and ex club member, Dave Roberts, who has retired from the sport, both the wing and harness are in excellent condition, as will be the reserve, only I can't see it to check! The wing is a good first choice after leaving school and also suitable for any pilot downsizing. I flew this very wing a few years ago when we were on holiday in Spain and I was so impressed I sold my Nova Artax and bought one!

Gin Carrera

Less than 30 hours great condition £1700.00
phone me on 07787172093