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Apco Santana Paraglider

A lovely glider for a beginner, DHV 1, white with pink stripe through the middle, 60 – 75kg weight range. Comes with a medium sized sup-air harness, with air bag and brand new reserve parachute (never used) attached. Just had a line strength test at the loft, and is as good as new, looks in pretty good nik too. £1000 ono

Tel: 07530430078

Jack Mills Davidson

Airwave Sport 3 - Size medium (80 -100 kg) DHV 1-2 - Only 60 hours use

Superb DHV 1-2 glider in fantastic condition. Custom colours (red white blue) always concertina packed and well looked after. £1100 Call me on 07941 615561

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Pro-Design Accura 85 (85 - 105kg)

For sale:

Pro-Design Accura 85 (85 - 105kg)
DHV 1-2
<15 hours use
Good condition, no damage.
Located in UK.


Bought as a second, lightweight wing, but found I hardly use it.

Send me a message or an email (tony_shgc aldhous me uk)

Tony A.

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Gin Speed Bar

Very good condition, I am trying a different brand and no longer need this one. See link, £5.00 gets it.

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WANTED - cheapish old vario

Jack's vario has been consigned to a dustbin by Brauniger (a lesson in not letting it lie around to long with old batteries in it) so I am on the lookout for a cheapish second hand vario.

Email me at


Sky Fides DHV1 Paraglider (Large)

Sky Fides Large (100-130KG) paraglider in red.

Low hours and still crisp. Has been serviced at the loft. Bought one year ago from another SHGC member. I'm now moving up to a DHV1-2

£500. Gwyn 07958 233335

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Sky Glider

Small Size "24" comes with Reserve and Harness Mallion and helmet, plus speed bar, a steal at £700:00 Blue and White.

Call Rob Chisholm 07958 440519

Submitted: Fri 14 Mar 2008 16:58