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Independence Evo Cross 100 Reserve

£400. Manufacture date 9/2012. Purchased New 9/2013.
Never thrown. Repack report sheet 10/2014.
Replaced with Independence Ultra Cross 100 to go in new Lightness 2 harness
Chris on 07968 854 623

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Sky Anakis 75-95kgs. Independence Emotion Reversible Harness and matching Reserve

I am selling this on behalf of a friend and ex club member, Dave Roberts, who has retired from the sport, both the wing and harness are in excellent condition, as will be the reserve, only I can't see it to check! The wing is a good first choice after leaving school and also suitable for any pilot downsizing. I flew this very wing a few years ago when we were on holiday in Spain and I was so impressed I sold my Nova Artax and bought one!

Advance Epsilon6 (28) 85-110KGs

Mid range EN B rated wing in good condition with 175 hours. Never been SIV or Acro. Always maintained by the Loft, its last in Feb this year and not flown since. Two tiny patches.
Available to view and test at Southern, Thames Valley and Dunstable club sites.


Martin on 07759 443354

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Aerial Arts Chaser S447 for sale - £3500!!!

Aerial Arts Chaser S for sale. G-MVRG. Fairly new Rotax 447 engine with electronic ignition. Engine has about 100 hours, airframe about 350 hours. The general condition of the machine, including that of the sail fabric, is good as might be expected from a fully hangared aircraft.

G-MVRG is regularly flown and is a delight to fly!

Trim speed is 60mph with an associated fuel burn of around 9l/hour.
Instrumentation includes standard flight instruments, an electronic fuel gauge, radio and Lynx intercom headset connection.

WANTED - basic hang glider for Older 55kg pilot

I am looking for a basic hang glider for an older 55K pilot. I sold my Target 16 a few years ago and regret doing so, though I was underweight on it. I’m looking for a Target 13 or similar – probably exposed cross tube.
Please let me know if you have anything suitable.
Price dependant on what’s on offer, but a sensible price please as I may only fly in the short term and need to resell.
Thanks Tony 01273 464466

Ozone Mojo 4 Blue, Large (95-115kg) good as new with SupAir airbag harness £1300

I bought this wing a year ago when I got my CP and have had the time of my life with it. It has 30 hours (I can show you my log), always been concertina packed, its never been in water or damaged in any way This is the ideal 1st wing for someone taking up the sport, easy to ground handle and as solid as it gets in the air, it’s still crispy – good as new at a big discount. The new price was £2,350. Comes complete with all the stuff it came with: large Ozone rucksack, speed bar, line chart, manual, repair kit and inner bag.

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Wanted Gin Verso 2 Medium for purchase or swap


I have a gin verso 2 large and I am finding it a little uncomfortable and think a medium would be my best bet.
If anyone, by chance, has one and would be willing to swap please let me know.

I would also be willing to purchase one second hand if you have one.

Many thanks


Wanted. Old pink/ blue flying suit medium

Wanted for a friend who's just started paragliding and has just bought a matching bike!

He needs it bad


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Kortel Kamasutra Size S with Pod

I’m selling my much loved Kamasutra 2 with pod. This is the most comfortable harness I’ve flown as it's highly configurable so you can get exactly the right position for your body. It is approx. 5 years old, and has some wear and tear (cosmetic only - on the pod after I tried and failed to throw it over a barbed wire fence!). This is a great harness for anybody looking for great comfort in flight or to try a pod for the first time.

Call, text or PM me if you're interested. 07974 445041.

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High end B. Lovely glider. 110 hrs. Last serviced by the Loft in January (2014!), but only flown 3 times since then. Concertina bag included. £800. Call me on 07557 433182 for viewing/test flights.