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Reserve wanted.

Looking for a cheap(ish) reserve.
Something that can be used for a few months safely till i buy a new one.

Glider Swap Sought

A mate of mine has lost a load of weight due to a long distance, middle-aged, running perversion. Apparently he is motivated by chasing Ladies in Lycra across the countryside, but who am I to judge?

The upshot of all this exercise is that he is now 10-30Kg underweight on his wing:

Gradient Nevada (newest in EN B range) in Green & White: purchased February 2013. 40 hours. 110 – 130 kg.

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Wanted Brauniger Compeo (old) charger

I lost my charger so if anyone has a spare they are willing to sell please contact me on 07726067700 or reply here.

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Passion Wagon for sale

PLease see the eBay advert for the camper van i'm selling

£9000 to a SHGC member

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EN B sought for pilot who is between 82 and 86 kg all up

I'm looking for a glider for a friend who is returning to PG after a brief absence.

He's doing the rounds of the schools but if you've got something please can you mail me - steveu at online dot fr

I'll forward it.

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Bailey 4 stroke paramotor

Reducing my paramotor collection down by one! Part of my clear out program before buying a new toy!

Probably the best 175cc Bailey 4 stroke you will find. 12 hours from new and like it came out the factory yesterday. Every top option available at time of purchase... titanium frame, largest diameter prop and cage, cage bag, prop covers, low hang points, SupAir steel carabiners, Bailey original battery charger. Upgraded to latest version of ground handling strap connector. Brand new fuel pump last year (original one developed a fault).

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Gin Bobcat 16

Gin Bobcat 16 for sale with Bobcat stuff sack and Bobcat ruck sack. Very very low hours and therefore no marks, patches, etc.
The Bobcat n 16.5 square meter size makes it less speed wing and more high wind soarer although terrain following is still quite doable if you let the trims out if that's your bag! For sale to finance buying another toy!

Here's some footage of Luke flying it alongside Vincent on his Little Cloud...

Bargain at £600

Ian White
ianschat at gmail dot com

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Bargain: Advance Impress 2+ Pod harness (Large) in great condition selling on eBay

My Advance Impress 2+ Pod harness is for sale

Bids start at £150 - grab a bargain!

Advance Impress 2+ 'Pod' harness in great condition: This is size 'Large' and would suit those over 5' 10 (and particularly good if you're 6' or over).

No damage and well-looked after - I bought it new in 2011. This, Impress 2+, is the version with better back protection (17cm) and hence great if you care about good back protection!

Wanted vario

Would like a accent strap on wrist vario or solar powered helmet vario .
Anyone got one for sale?
07786443471 text me taa

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Tequila 2 (L 100-120kg) + full kit

Please contact Volker Meissner direct:

E-mail or mobile 07956-444035

£1,200 for the kit - Tequila 2 (L 100-120kg) from 2010 with 60hrs all dry weather flying on.
Incl. Woody Valley Peak 2 and Sup Air rescue system.

Tequila 2 flying pic