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Wing swap? Alternatively wing wanted.

Starting to get a bit fed up with sitting at the lowest levels on a 13 year old Atis so need something with a bit more go in it and a better min sink! Also with us hangies infiltrating PG territory I need something that won't let Luke get away too easily on his Swift 2. Something Mentor-ish or similar would be nice suitable for 105kg all up. Ideally I would like to swap a 50 hour, no tears or patches large Ozone Viper 2 paramotor wing (cash adjustment either way if needed) but interested to hear what else is available.

email Ian on

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Beautiful van for sale ;)

Very few careful owners for 24 years
One not so careful owner for 2 years ;)

Look a beauty after a good cleanup, all mechanics perfect thanks to many old gits taking good care of it before me, still I been changing the oil regularly.
Only problem is the rust coming back.

Perfect vehicle to be popular on the hill on a blown out day, extremely fuel efficient :# hem

Mates rate £1800 and a loaf of bread.

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Mojo3 Large £550 Flymaster Vario B1 Model £100 + Few other bits

Flymaster Vario. Very good Battery. Going on eBay this coming weekend or £100 cash beforehand.
Great bit of kit with very sensitive settings.
Logs lots of flights/dates/times/highest altitudes/QNE-QNH can be set to anything pressure.
Great for a newbe pilot.
Also have SILVA Floating Compass with velcro base £15
Mojo 3 Large Great beginners wing £550
Call Mark: 07775724096 OR Email:

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406MHz + GPS, 1 month old bought for a trip.
Condition 'as new'. Battery expiry Feb 2021.
Complete in box with all its bits.
Going on eBay this weekend or £175 cash beforehand.
This may save your life!
Andrew 07710441916

Surplus PG kit clearout

Late season clearance of some surplus PG kit on e-Bay:
Brauniger Alti-vario: £99

Supair light Airbag Harness: £99

Supair Light Reserve and front mount cockpit/reserve container: £299

(Sorry, auction format only to highest bidder, so no 'off-line' offers please!)

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Purchased 17/05/2013

Size: Medium

Colour: Red Ice

Nova Trim Service was on 22/05/2014

Hrs: 30

One owner from new in tip top condition.

Price £1550

Bar on dudes call now or email with your offer for a like new condition
Mentor 3

Or if your after the Mentor 4 we can supply £2,899

Rob Chisholm

Flytec Vario

Flytec 6000 vario for sale, very good condition - £100

Bought from Flybubble 2 or 3 years ago, same as this:

Ideal 1st vario for you new CPs!

Also got a Gin flight deck spare that could be used with the vario, like this:

Yours for £20 if you buy the vario!

Email: adam (underscore) reynolds (at) hotmail (dot) com

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For Sale iPhone 5 battery case

I have a new phone so no longer need my iPhone 5 cover with built in battery. It's not even a year old and I have put velcro on the back for your flight deck. Battery is rated 2300mAh. Cost me £60. Make me an offer.

Bump Air 17 . Sup'Air back protector

Anyone have a use for this ? - if so you can have it for free. Or will I will have to chuck it .


tel 0771 318 9237

Wanted Airwave Pulse 160 and / or spares, Keel, nose plates, battens.

Wanted complete glider or spares.

Would also consider any other novice hang glider sub £500

John 07833305350 email