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Membership of the Southern Hang Gliding Club expires for all members on the 30th of April. You will be charged for one full years membership upon joining regardless of the time of year at which you join. The cost of your first renewal is reduced roughly pro rata to account for the shorter first years membership.

For example if you join in June your first renewal will be about £40, if you join in March your first renewal will be about £10. The reason for this is that each year helmet stickers are issued in a new colour so that current members can be easily identified on our sites.

NB. As of the 1st January 2015, the slope landing and top landing exercises for paraglider pilots, have been moved to the pilot rating. All of the club's sites have rules that require thses skills. In order to fly our sites, all new paraglider pilots must have not only gained their CP rating, but also have the practical exercises of top and slope landings signed off in their pilot task book. Hang glider pilots are unaffected.

The current membership rates are as follows:

  • Standard Membership: £50.00 (£56.00 in first year with induction pack)
  • Non-flying Membership: £10.00

You can pay to join the Southern Hang Gliding Club by

  • Cheque or
  • Direct Credit Transfer (B.A.C.S.) or
  • Credit/Debit Card using PayPal (extra £1.85 charged to cover fees)

New members are asked to attend an induction course as soon as possible, and preferably before flying our sites. We hold these every month at two locations: one in London (see London Wing) and one in Glynde (see Local meetings)

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Your Insurance Obligation:

As a member of the SHGC flying from our sites, you are obliged to have third-party liability insurance to cover your flying activity and any accidents that may arise as a result of it. BHPA membership provides this insurance and we insist that all club members resident in the UK have up-to-date BHPA membership. Any members who are visitors to the UK who have insurance from their home country must provide proof that their insurance provides third-party cover for flying activity in the UK. The Southern Hang Gliding Club accepts no liability for any accident caused by or involving our members. Clicking the submit button indicates that you agree to these terms.


I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the SHGC and any amendments and/or additions to these rules as might be made by the Committee and/or General Meeting of the Club. I fully understand that contravention of these rules and regulations may lead to my suspension as a member, in which case I will not be permitted the use of Club sites or facilities.

Paraglider pilot declaration

My CP rating was gained before the 1st Jan 2015
I have the practical exercises of top and slope landings signed off in my pilot task book.

Please select your membership type and optional donations:

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Data Protection Act Statement

By entering and saving my personal details in these screens, I give permission for the Southern Hang Gliding Club and any successor organisation(s):
  1. to store the personal details that I have entered in these screens on its computer systems which I understand may be permanently connected to the internet,
  2. to use the personal details entered only for purposes related to the administration of the club.

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