Mount Caburn site rules refresher

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We are seeing a number of Mount Caburn site rules being disregarded of late. Please ensure that you adhere to all of the site rules as the landowner lives locally and does not need our custom!

Rules being disregarded:
- Do not launch from below the 'top of the hill' i.e., not from half way up the hill to avoid the walk up. See the last item in this list.
- Keep the car park locked at all times. In particular when pilots are in the field as this can encourage non-members to enter.
- Right hand 360 only until more than 1000' above launch
- Do not overfly the cottages near to the farm complex at the bottom of Mt. Caburn
- Do not overfly the cottages near the car park at the bottom of Mt. Caburn
- Do not overfly the car park
- Do not slope land on the main face of Mt. Caburn other than at the no longer visible 'white mushrooms', which were situated:
- One by the lowest stile into Airworks' landing field
- One by the tree line at the east near the top of the hill
- One by the tree line at at the east just before it diverts east and some 100m above the cottages
- Slope landing is permitted on all parts of the western ridge, but do avoid interfering with any training.
- Do not land in Airworks' landing field except in an emergency.
- Do not park at the western end of Ranscombe Lane. Park only in the club car park or in Glynde village car park (if parking here, walk up the public footpath opposite the post office)
- Do not re-launch from the western ridge of Mt Caburn if Airworks are training there (The rule is do not launch at all, but they are accommodating.)
- No commercial coaching or training on the western ridge.
- Only walk up the eastern edge of the hill, currently following the line of the established path, though there are moves afoot to move us further east.
- When on the main face, do not stray from the path, especially at this time of year when ground nesting birds are present and various protected flora will be soon to flower.

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slope landing at Caburn

Would it be possible to include a map of Caburn in the site guide with the slope landing areas clearly marked?

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Doesn't seem to correlate with the site guide

After reading your refresher on the site rules for Mt Caburn, I revisited the site guide on this site.

The site guide appears briefer compared to the list you have posted here.

While I've taken your list onboard, am I missing another site guide somewhere?

If not, shouldn't this more comprehensive list of rules be included in our site guide on the web site?

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Hi Nick,
Yes, a number of items appear to have fallen out of the site's guide.

Also a number of these items were never incorporated in the sites guide per se because the use of the site evolved.


The Old Station

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Slope Landing Caburn

Can I just confirm that I'm reading correctly.
No slope landing on the South and South West faces of Mt Caburn Hill.
Regarding the White Mushrooms, that I've never seen, is it ok to land above these points or land at these points on the SW/S/SE faces of Mt Caburn which are not to be landed on?


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white mushrooms

The rule (as agreed with the land owner) is you may only slope land in the immediate vicinity of the mysterious white mushrooms. Like many things, they deteriorated over time and it was deemed convenient not to replace them.


The Old Station

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Video Site Guide

Hi Steve,

You may or may not be aware, but after speaking to Dave Massie, I've agreed to take on the task of producing the site guide videos.

I'd planned to start with Caburn, so will make sure to incorporate these points.

I'll post a message about it over the weekend.

Best wishes, David

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Site guide update

I suspect more people will stick to the rules if they are in the site guide.

Is there any reason why they can't be 'copy & pasted' in?