Safety alert - dodgey foreign tandem pilot on our hills

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I've just been informed that our incompetent and presumably unlicensed / inunsured tandem pilot was today spotted crashing into the brambles at Newhaven. He's described as ginger and eastern european, flying a tandem with a funny name. The description of his activities was very scary and we need to act before someone gets hurt and / or site agreements are put at risk.

If anyone out there spots this guy or knows who he is, then please politely approach him and explain the error of his ways. Myself, Steve P, Windy John or no doubt any of the tandem instructors will be happy to help him sort out ratings and proper tandem training.

Not everyone reads this forum - please pass the word around.

Spies tell me he was possibly Russian and flying with his girlfriend. They were flying all new kit, an Aeros Phaeton Occupy wing, yellow / white (graphics bit like Ozone) and Gin harnesses.


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Tandem at Newhaven

That description given on your post is the correct one, I have a few photos to prove it.


There is no mention that the person who spotted him spoke to him....!!!

Would seem strange that we are told about it but nothing has been said to him yet by the people who have spotted him.

If the people who did spot him are more in authority than me (that's everyone then) then maybe he should have been dealt with by now

Mick Collins LCGI

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dodgy foreigners

can anyone at least describe glider colours and patterns...????? blue and brown? red and yellow??