XC Flying Course in the Indian Himalaya

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17 Oct 2013 - 14:00
2 Nov 2013 - 19:00

BOOK NOW, this trip will fill up! For our twelfth year in the Himalaya, we are once more off to that most reliable and mellow thermal paradise, the green and luscious Indian Himalayan foothills.
Each year pilots with differing levels of experience, ranging from absolutely zero hours since qualifying to near Skygods come with us. We always leave with experienced pilots and everyone always wants to go again. Most break all their personal bests! In 2011 we completed a 110 km cross country flight, probably the longest guided group xc of all time...

Session 1 – 28/09/13 – 14/10/13 - Learn to thermal and fly XC
Session 2 – 17/10/13 – 02/11/13 - XC flying

We aim to operate at a 3:1 student/instructor ratio. To help reduce 'flown-out pilot syndrome', which occurs with two weeks incessant paragliding, we have a non-flying day in the middle of each trip: Non-flying activities include visits to Dharamsala, hot springs, 1000 year old temples and fantastic trekking opportunities.

One of the benefits of our very high instructor to student ratio is that we can ensure the best possible experience for any level of pilot: For the recently qualified and/or low airtime pilot you can expect to become a competent XC pilot, able to identify and use thermal lift to cover serious distances and then land safely in a field of your choosing, perhaps even occasionally the main landing field. Look upon out-landings as an opportunity to meet new friends and have an amazing travel experience and you won't go far wrong; For the more experienced pilot who can already thermal well and is seeking some quality instruction in the awesome scenery and benign thermals of this classic XC paradise, we'll be aiming to improve your skills by guided XC flying every day, perhaps including some of the more dramatic high altitude routes and the occasional vol-bivouac.

What's included for 2013: Bed and breakfast, evening meals, collection and return from the airport to Bir, transport to launch and retrieval from XC, though you will usually find that local buses/taxis are so cheap and quick that it's not worth being retrieved, and anyway the adventure makes it worthwhile!

This year, we aim to fly Air India direct from Heathrow to Delhi. We do ask that you get the same flights as everyone else to simplify transfers - otherwise you may have to use public transport to get to Bir. This could mean bus journeys of 16 hours or longer. Alternatively of course, you could take flights that bracket ours and meet us at the airport. I strongly recommend you source your flights through an agency. As such I can heartily recommend Helen, helenwibley@experienceholidays.co.uk , who has provided sterling service in the past! It may cost a few pounds more than booking direct, but trust me it helps immensely to have an agent when dealing with India.
• Trip 1 outbound: Air India flight 116 departs Heathrow 12:30 28/9 arrives Delhi 01:15
• Trip 1 inbound: Air India flight 111 departs Delhi 14:05 14/10 arrives Heathrow 19:00
• Trip 2 outbound: Air India flight 116 departs Heathrow 14:00 17/10 arrives Delhi 02:40
• Trip 2 inbound: Air India flight 111 departs Delhi 14:55 2/11 arrives Heathrow 18:55
It will be the festivals of Deshera and Diwali while we are there, so we need to book flights before they fill up! The cost of all this is £1399 for each session, plus flights. Those with a more leisurely schedule could opt for both trips for £2399 including free accommodation in Bir for the days in between.

Please make a payment of £1399 to AIRTRIPS as soon as possible. Bank transfers (reference India 1, 2 or 1+2) can be made to:
SA Purdie, T/A AIRTRIPS, Barclays Bank, High street, Lewes, Sort code: 20-49-76, Account Number: 90145580

Once you have booked you will receive a pack with details of everything you need to know, through from visas and injections, to equipment and pre-trip get together.
See you soon! Steve Purdie

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India PWC

Also Steve for any budding competition pilots for the last week you are there you will be in the middle of the INDIA PWC, Could be interesting http://www.prepwcindia.com/

Steve Purdie's picture

Oh yes...

We are in close communication with the competition organiser and it does make the area much more lively when not flying.

If our pilots do not wish to compete we can launch outside of their window plus we have additional launch sites. We may well get to be official wind dummies which is always a laugh!

Steve Purdie