Beachy Head Flying Rules Reminder

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The conduct of some recent flights at Beachy Head suggest that a reminder of the restrictions that apply there might be helpful in avoiding problems with the local residents and the Eastbourne Borough Council who permit us to fly there.

The site is very popular with visitors of all kinds, and we must make sure that we do not draw the wrong kind of attention to ourselves.

Firstly, be aware that while the SE bowl may be flown all year round, the cliffs may not be overflown below 200 feet AGL (730 feet AMSL) between 1 February and 1 August.

The lower SE cliffs may be soared as far as Holywell café on the outskirts of Eastbourne, but we must avoid overflying the Whitbread Hollow bird sanctuary in the next bowl along from take-off towards Eastbourne. Soaring the promenade is forbidden.

To fly the south cliffs, you must be Pilot rated.

Please read the site guide entry for Beachy Head if you are in any doubt about the flying rules and restrictions, and if anything is not clear, please contact a committee member to highlight any confusion so that the guide can be reviewed and amended if required.