Non-Approved Handheld Airband Radios Allowed :0)

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The CAA is to allow 8.33 kHz handheld radios to be used in flight following a review which concluded that radios conforming to existing European standards for non-airborne operation can provide the required levels of safety and performance for airborne use.

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The approval will allow pilots of ‘non-EASA’ aircraft’ to use handheld radios on their Aircraft Radio Licence outside Class A, B and C airspace; non-EASA aircraft, also known as ‘Annex II’, includes microlights, kit-built aircraft and many vintage aircraft.

Mike Barnard, the CAA’s General Aviation Programme Manager, said: “Pilots who fly aircraft that cannot be equipped with fixed radio sets will now have a viable and safe alternative.

“The latest handheld radios now have equivalent performance capabilities to fixed radios but without the need to modify aircraft systems. Allowing their use in flight will greatly improve the ability of pilots to build a mental picture of other airspace users, positively contributing to safety in the GA sector.”

The changes come in with immediate effect and further information can be found on the CAA’s website:

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List of approved radios

I can't find a list approved radios anywhere. Is there somewhere one can be found? Thanks, Carlo

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Approved list

Hi Carlo,

The list is here but the Icom A6E/A24E have not yet been added, but I have seen the Icom CAA approval and it is reproduced on their web site:

The list is a big Excel file which you will need to search through with the right string, e.g. "Icom".


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BMAA/LAA efforts

The BMAA/LAA and Icom have put about 8 months of intense effort into this.

Now the Icom A6E and A24E are approved. You will still need to buy a radio licence from the CAA.

If you want to use anything outside the gliding frequencies you'll need an FRTOL. Kenny's doing his now. ;-)


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All very well, but..

That's still not the normal 2m radios that are actually used in practice, is it..?


So a new chatter free channel, paul p, those bt radios you found last week fall into this cat

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sadly not

Steve Purdie