Before you lose it..

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There have been several reports of varios lost and found recently.

Most people do not know their vario's serial number, which they should make a note of lest their house burns down or some miscreant takes a shine to it.

But perhaps more pertinently, most modern varios can display the owners name and phone number on start up. Why not read the manual to see if your is one of them?

If not, I can provide a free sticky label with your name printed on it to anyone who calls into Airworks.

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Immobilise website

This May have been mentioned before but, is a national property register.
You create you own account create an inventory of your valuables registering serial numbers etc.
If lost or stolen, you mark it as such on the site, Police use this site to check found or stolen/recovered property Pawn Shops use it to check for items brought in for sale and it's FREE.

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ErUm 1
What happens when it gets hacked?

ErUm 2
I'm not too impressed by the name of its 'sponsor' or the notice which states is for sale