On the hill sat 5th april

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2 sites to choose from ,but which one.....easy choice ...both :)
But first had a rrc session at mt caburn at 9 am to which it was flyable in the SSW 10-12 mph wind ,5 in the air at one point ,till wind picked up a little to much.
Then trip to newhaven to see the most combination of PGs and hangies all flying to brighton and back ive ever seen,a strong at times SSW breeze was slow going to get to brighton, and by mid day had dropped off to leave just the PGs playing around the takeoff area,and tide was making its way in.
left at around 1pm ,but it was still flyable if you needed too in the overcast sky.
To finish my report,i wish windy john a good recovery from a very funny ,rear end meeting with some thick prickly brambles at the bottom of the cliffs .doing a demonstration of how ( not )to take off from the bottom of the cliffs,all included saw the funny side and pics taken. He did show his skills and got it right the next time. :)
till next time .... see ya

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Harbour wall

.. did you try flying it in the end?

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We want to see the pics!

I think, for strictly educational purposes of course, the RRC members who were unfortunately not present would all like to see the pics of Windy John's meeting the thick prickly brambles so we know what (not) to do. A video would even be better, if one exists :-)

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now that we have uncontestable proof that when RG is abroad from England the weather is great , therefore propose a kity costing one pound to every southern club member to keep forenamed abroad.. everyones a winner Richard travels the world ,we can fly daily.. oh just thought he will need a flying buddy .....ok I will do it , 2 quid per member, all in agreement say aye ......

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5 th april

damn and blast ,new I should have abandoned the kids and came along