Mt. Caburn

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Once again it appears to be time to remind the members of some of the site rules and of their obligations:

* Ground Handle in the car park
* Land in the car park
* Overfly the car park (<500' say)
* Leave the car park gate open or unlocked
* Overfly (<500' say) the cottages at Brigden's Field and at Airworks' landing field.
* Launch from the slope
* Land on the slope other than in the designated areas (except in an emergency)
* Visiting pilots must receive a site briefing and join as temporary members (Fee from £0/day for bona fide foreign visitors to £5/day-£10/week for anyone else)

These rules apply to ALL PILOTS, especially the more experienced ones who ought to be setting a good example to the rest.

The BHPA have made it quite clear that the insurance is not there to cover member-to-member claims. If you damage a parked car it's your responsibility to put it right. However, our main reason for the rule is to make it clear to the householders that we are not overflying their cottages.

There is an obligation on all members to point out their error to anyone breaching these rules, lest the site be compromised again...