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Paraglider Pilots, please don't forget to leave room at the car park end of the top for hang gliders to launch and land.

Don't ground handle near to hang gliders unless you can afford to pay for the replacement of a £17000 carbon rigid. (BHPA insurance is not meant for member-to-member claims!)

After a long period when they were categorised as a 'HIghly Endangered' verging on 'Locally Extinct' there is now a fairly active group of hang glider pilots and consequently we have downgraded their status to 'Vulnerable.' PG pilots need to generally be aware of their existence and characteristics. Why not approach them carefully when on the ground and ask if one will take you up dual to get a feel for how they differ, especially in terms of field of view and lack of maneuverability?

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I did try to approach them

I did try to approach them last autumn...
They were not interested :)
well apart from the moments when they allow you to help them with moving stuff around field :)

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An off day?

You must have caught one of us on an off day Grigory. Usually we're very interested in an opportunity to bring a PG pilot over from the dark side ;o)

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We Speak the Same Language!!!!

Yip, Luke's the man! We are actually a friendly bunch and I have often packed my car with PG canopies and their corresponding ballast after one of my many trips to the bottom landing fields! The lesser spotted hang glider pilot tends to be a bit docile before the first thermal fix of the day but thereafter flourishes into an excited energised pilot talking in a language that my Mrs has not quite worked out yet! Apparently, PG pilots speak the same language!

On a serious note and probably a useful tip – some hangies (like myself), prefer not to be disturbed when rigging (just in case we miss something); but before or after – no problem! ;-) Come say hello to me!

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The hangies are a friendly

The hangies are a friendly bunch, really! I've even been happy to give a lift back up to the top to PG pilots when I've retrieved my glider from the bottom. ;)

Bear in mind that quite a few hangies are flying PG/PPGs too these days. :D

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For a dual flight, ask Luke

For a dual flight, ask Luke (if he's not chasing Cookie across the south of England) or Big Matt (if he's not chasing students around muggery bowl.)

It's also great fun and great learning to join the school for a day hang glider training. Guaranteed to have you grinning from ear to ear.

tandem HG

As a paraglider pilot who has not tried HG in interested in a Tandem to see how it feels/looks.

anyone care to volunteer...

Mick Collins LCGI

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Still got a list of people interested and will probably wait for a non thermic day or later in the year but yes, anyone under 80ish kg, I will try and take you for a taster. Ask Vincent how he liked it- I beleive he's learning now!!!

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