Beachy Head Windsock Update

A new telescopic windsock pole has been put in the equipment tube at Beachy Head. It has an associated ground spike, which can be pushed into hard ground reasonably easily. The pole in its stowed configuration has a plug at the smaller end, which, when removed, allows the top sections to slide out and be twisted into friction lock with the sections below. When fully extended, the larger end cap can be unscrewed, and the pole placed over the ground spike. PLEASE KEEP THE PLUG AND END CAP IN THE BAG ATTACHED TO THE BASE OF THE POLE so that they can be replaced after use. A clip is attached to the pole tip so that the windsock swivel can be easily and securely attached. Make sure that that after use the pole is stowed properly and plug and end cap replaced. If one or more sections of the pole get stuck (and the friction lock does not have to be violent), hold the stuck section and tap the base of the pole vertically on firm ground. This will release it without a problem. Make sure all the equipment is stowed in the tube after use.