Marshalling at Devil's Dyke and Beachy Head

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Hi all,

There has been much talk about overcrowding recently so I'd like to remind all members about the systems already in place to control it.

For the Dyke, there is a marshalling kit in the cupboard behind the pub and it is the duty of whoever is first on site to get the stuff out and set up. Marshalling and controlling numbers of launches can be initiated whenever someone thinks it's necessary. This is the responsibility of every pilot on site.

For Beachy, marshalling, erection of the warning signs and notification to the council is now a compulsory part of the site agreement and is being checked by council representatives. If it isn't done every time pilots are on site, we risk loosing use of the site.

Details can be found in the site guide.

Nobody should be complaining about overcrowding without first themselves marshalling the site and doing something about it. - If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem!

Happy flying, Dave

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Mount Fuji

In Japan they have a similar problem are comparisons illuminating?

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Loss of the cupboard

The landlady of the Devils Dyke Inn cut off our padlock and evicted the windsocks etc from the cupboard.

Pro temps the windsocks and sandwich board are at Airworks. This is not an ideal situation and will be addressed as soon as possible.

Steve Purdie

Luckily it got too light so

Luckily it got too light so the chaos stopped. Was sort of fun in a terrifying way as grinning pilots flew at you whilst hanging by their tackle.I found it safe staying underneath the mayhem.

Classic !
Where were the flags ?

Yep I agree we are all part of the problem ! sorry for copying an earlier post , but does say something about us all! I'm one of you all not trying to say I'm all innocent .

I wrote about half a page

I wrote about half a page but then deleted it , didn't want to come across as being argumentative or negative, so ....

I would say there is a system in place that doesn't control it!
Emmmm because it doesn't

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System in place

" there is a system in place that doesn't control it!"

Well, it does control it, but it has to be used, not ignored. The trouble is that everyone wants an unknown 'someone else' to do it. Every time we have problems, I hear that we need to pay 'someone else' to do it. So how about this: Everyone who wants' 'someone else' to assume the club's responsibility, gets together, and hands over a tenner into a pool. Then you can employ this 'someone else' to do the marshalling. How's that?

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In an ideal world we

In an ideal world we wouldn't have an overcrowding problem.

People would be sensible and not take off if it's too crowded to be safe and enjoyable.

If it becomes crowded, people would land before it gets silly.

If there's pilots on the launch looking like they'd like to take off, those in the air would land to give them their turn.

People would aim to fly at an appropriate time of day; beginners and rusty pilots would fly early and late, leaving late morning and the middle of the day for the experienced types who enjoy boisterous air full of pilots on a mission.

When it's on at more than one site people would spread the load around different hills. Sure, for XC there's always a best start point, but if you're not into making a big flight it'll be better elsewhere.

With a bit more common sense, good airmanship and less selfishness it wouldn't be crowded at all.

Now I totally agree with

Now I totally agree with that comment....

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Interestingly there have

Interestingly there have been very few pilots flying here this last week, what with all of the competitions going on elsewhere. The net result has been that the few pilots flying have made it feel more crowded than when there are hundreds present. It's clearly all about how considerately and predictably people fly rather than the number present.

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echo... echo..

echo... echo.. Flying the Dyke on Saturday morning it was remarkable how dangerous and crowded it was with so few in the air....

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S'funny. Is that an echo I

S'funny. Is that an echo I hear?

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Well said David

Well said David, i support this idea.

Rob Chisholm