Sky Anakis 75-95kgs. Independence Emotion Reversible Harness and matching Reserve

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I am selling this on behalf of a friend and ex club member, Dave Roberts, who has retired from the sport, both the wing and harness are in excellent condition, as will be the reserve, only I can't see it to check! The wing is a good first choice after leaving school and also suitable for any pilot downsizing. I flew this very wing a few years ago when we were on holiday in Spain and I was so impressed I sold my Nova Artax and bought one!

Sky Anakis. Orange/Blue. All up weight 75-95 kgs. In excellent condition with around 25 hours logged. Still crispy. Not used since 2012 as Dave picked up a back injury (not paragliding) and hasn't flown since. Regularly serviced by The Loft and no repairs.

Independence Emotion reversible harness. Medium size. Black with orange trim. In a good condition. Reversible harness means no rucksack and keeps the weight down to just 4.1kg. A rucksack is included to protect the kit.

Reserve is the matching Independence reserve which is recommended by them.

For safety, the reserve should have a repack and the wing and harness should be serviced for peace of mind. The photos were taken Sunday 28th June at Newhaven.

Sensibly priced at £1500.00.

Call Tony 01273 487728 or 07867 657276.

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It's gotta go cos it's cluttering up my garage!

New price £1,200.00. The wing alone is worth that surely.......