Festivals, Horse Trials, Country Fairs and any other 'Organised Open Air Assembly'

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As the festival season is well upon us and pilots are flying cross country a timely reminder about the rules for open air assemblies is in order. The idiot paramotoring into Glastonbury will have added a lot of fuel to the CAA's drive to require licensing of FLPA pilots.

Whether you are flying powered or gliding:

- You must fly at least 1000 feet above any organised open air assembly.

- You may not launch or land within 1000 metres of an organised open air assembly. (Except at an aerodrome or with the written permission of the organisers of the event and in accordance with the conditions advised by the CAA.)

A possible get-out from prosecution may be to declare an in-flight emergency causing you to land, but...

If you are in doubt as to whether there are >999 people present, then there are.