Pre-Flight Check or die #2!

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For not the first time on our sites, a mid-air collision recently ensued when a pilot inflated his wing directly into the path of a flying glider. Not that long ago there was a similar incident at another UK club resulting in profound injury to the airborne pilot...

You absolutely must perform a pre-flight check before each and every inflation of your wing.

Inflating your glider in conditions too strong for your ability can also result in an uncontrolled departure, with risk of injury to bystanders.

For these reasons, after completing the BHPA's Will Geordie Have His Cat Aboard Today mnemonic (perhaps more appropriate as Will Grandma Have Her Cardiac Arrest Today ;0) I like to complete the 'One Way Ticket' check (Obstacles, Weather, Traffic)

This brings to mind obstacles, including very importantly, bystanders, wind strength & gustiness and most importantly other aircraft as the final check immediately before inflation. Think: a glider on the ground is the lowest form of aviation and hence has no rights.

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'Will Grandma Have Her

'Will Grandma Have Her Cardiac Arrest Today' courtesy of Chris Craven.

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Will Grandma..

I think it's easier to remember than the original :-)