Incident at Devil's Dyke 18 Aug 2015 - 15:30

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Incident at Devil's Dyke 18 Aug 2015 - 15:30

An unknown pilot was observed flying aggressively, causing several pilots to take avoiding action. When a local instructor attempted to talk to him he was less than charming. It is not known if he is a SHGC member.

The club would like to trace the pilot in question to discuss the issue. He would not provide a name, but we have a reasonable description and ask if anyone recognises him, or can keep an eye out for him on the hills.

He was described as:

Glider: Ozone maybe.

Grey front with yellow rear I'd say an ENB low/mid range

Upright harness probably with yellow strip and the rest black

White open face helmet with some black square, possibly for a GoPro or just some velcro, at forehead position.

Age of pilot difficult to say with helmet on, perhaps 35-40 years plus. Tall and lean. Blonde hair.

He stated he flown for 20 years.

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hi guys

thats a very vague description that could fit so any people...

anything about the person...???

any photos...???

Mick Collins LCGI

tall and lean

i think it was me i fit the description Tall And Lean yes it is defo me . all i can say is sorry and f..k off lol. On a point of note you missed out Handsome.