Gradient Aspen 3 28, 5-2010, 90-115 kg, EN C, £399 GBP

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FOR SALE: Gradient Aspen 3 28, 5-2010, 90-115 kg, Price: 399 GBP, Shipping: Plus shipping/or viewing/collection
EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 100 hours, Colors: Gold - Black - White - Red, Location: Surrey - United Kingdom [ GB ]

Reason: Moved down in weight to a medium glider.

Other item info:
An excellent glider which I have owned for the last 4 years. I have had a number of excellent flights on it including Annecy and Nepal. (See my videos Links below.)
I will accept Euro equivalent.

This is a well mannerd low end EN C glider suitable for a competent pilot moving up from a 'B'. It is/was my first 'C' class glider since my Niviuk Hook and has improved my flying no end. I am now moving to a smaller glider. It is in excellent condition. Inspection is possible if you can come to Surrey/South Downs.

Video Links:
Annecy video:
Nepal Video: