More Tick Trouble

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Dear All,

I have heard from a reliable source that there is an infestation of ticks at various locations on the South Downs close to the coast, including Rodmell, Firle and Exceat. The ticks are of a species never previously found north or west of Serbia, and carry various diseases including rickettsial fevers (one of which is Rocky Mountain spotted fever). These are potentially paralysing diseases, so you may want to warn members to be especially careful about precautions to avoid picking them up, and to check themselves carefully after a day's flying. If a tick is found, remove it with an extractor or loop of thread. Do not pull it out with tweezers or fingers, and do not use heat. Once extracted, keep the tick in a plastic tube or bottle for later identification; and if any odd symptoms are experienced, seek medical assistance immediately. I'll try to get more details on the species name, etc. and forward them.

This is not one of those Internet "jokes", but as far as I can tell genuine and worrying. Certainly Porton Down are very interested, and I believe the ESCC have advised their field workers about it as an HSE requirement.

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More on ticks - links etc

Some useful links here with some data on ticks:

Worth a read for anyone concerned or who thinks they might have been bitten