RRC weekend 17th -18th oct

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17 Oct 2015 - 00:00
18 Oct 2015 - 00:00

hello all ...After a house move and no internet untill just 3 hours ago,so just in time to let you know what might happen this weekend....but first yet again thanks to john T for standing in for me,who didnt have to work too hard this weekend.
Weather ahead as forecast ed looks a bit blowy but shows we might get a chance to fly this weekend,when i say a chance,you know im always very optimistic,will update fri night around 6-7pm...fingers crossed and better cross your legs as well.

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Sunday at BO

Yep its a Bo peep day ,from looking at the weather its on all day with a slight wind speed pick up and then ease off again during the afternoon.With the wind direction showing a NE , this means a ridge run to Firle looks like it would be a no go.
But the day will be busy ,with probably a few straying to H/H ,so with all day to play with and thermal activity minimal,it best to have an early start , so to let you red ribs have a less of a battle in the air, as its a mainly ridge soaring day,and with the numbers expected, lets try to play safe.
For a good site brief and much more with help ground handling if needed ,and guiding with how to best to top land (one of the best sites to practice this task ),meet me and the rest of the gang in the car park at 8am .(Talk starts from the off )
Dont forget the warmer clothing as its getting cold up there.
phil :)

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Sat off

Sat off,as the wind is just sticking around till then ,but sunday looks ok for a bit of ridge running to firle from bo-peep ,yep those newbies yet to fly site to site with a few kilometers too boot,i will do my best to show you how and lead if needed,(some peeps would say this is an xc) but its still a great thing and stepping stone moment to do for the first time.
I will post again sat night around 6 pm to finalize time and site too meet if all holds good....dont forget chaps its getting colder ,pre pack gloves and cloths too suit.
:) phil....

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hi phil

Hi Phil

Last weekend was nothing to do but the one before was busy at Beachy with the RR. Who all did very well and flew sensibly. I did spot 1 non pilot rated flying the cliffs I know who he is and will speak to him next time I see him on the hill.

I am not around this weekend as will be in Algo flying with my son. ( in between the rain there) See you the week after.