RRC weekend 24th -25th oct

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24 Oct 2015 - 12:00
25 Oct 2015 - 12:00

It was a testing day for the newbies on sunday as launching was top end for some,but with persistence and a little help from other ground dwellers, all got in the air and had a great time,with a little thermic activity to spice things up for some little 360 action...and Scott D ,put on a great show ,right in front of take off and with all watching ,of how not to fly a hang glider slowly,(one lucky lucky man ).
On too next weekend....Oh dear,tricky one to call this far ahead ,but it don't look too promising at the moment...but as we all know ,the forecasts always change ,and lets hope it swings in our favor to get some airborne happiness.
Will post again fri night around 6-7pm.
bye for know...

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Sunday ..Beachy head

After watching the forever changing weather patterns ,and hoping for a good wind direction for sunday ,i have come to this conclusion for some flying action.....
The winds will veer from a NNW early morning To a SE at around mid afternoon... the wind will be strong enough to fly in about 2 pm ,and some thermal added for a slight boost in lift,it looks like Beachy will be best to venture too for about 1 pm and wait for it too come on too the hill.Some might go to bo peep very early before the wind goes east.
So...chaps i will be going to Peachy beachy for 1pm and do some parawaiting,might be, or not be a long wait ,but time for some ground handling first and for that important site brief and hugging your new flying friends.
If you got to travel far.then no rush to meet at the windsock at 1pm,if you get there earlier set the picnic up ,as its always a happy day there ,we are so lucky to be able to fly this beautiful site.
will travel to High and over if need be if the winds dont play ball.

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Sat off

Chaps a short post as im stuck in Southampton and its hard using a friends lap top , looking at saturdays weather foecast shows a crap day with winds too strong for the ribs,i recon some might try and fly ,with rain intimidating them all.
Sunday looks like a afternoon at Peachy beachy,if it happens i will post sat night around 6pm..
see you soon ribs.....