RRC weekend 31st -1st nov

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31 Oct 2015 - 12:00
1 Nov 2015 - 12:00

The parawaiters with the red ribs at Peachy Beachy on Sunday, got rewarded with a great sunset flight with good height to cruise well over the sea...to say the ribs were well happy would be an understatement.....
Now on too this weekend...
the week leading up to it looks rubbish, looks like it will settle down for the weekend...No more to say till fri night and that last minute call to arms....
But till then ,what about going to thurs nites club meeting after induction (for the newbies) ,and listen to mr XC himself ,Carlo from flybubble ,tell us his stories ,giving insight and nuggets of knowledge that any XC wannabie will welcome.... not too be missed,as he rarely gets the time to do this..what a gent.
See you all thurs night or on the hill :)

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Sunday off

It was a fair day today and most made the best time of it,but alas tomorrow looks a bit light winds at beachy, by the time the fog clears and wind drops off. then the wind looks like going east ,so im not venturing out.
If you think its worth a look at beachy ,please go looksie,you might get a little window of opportunity to scratch around.
till next week ...nanoo nanoo...

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Saturday .....peachy

Yes rick is correct......Beachy is looking ,dare i say it near perfect for the red ribs and probably half the southern flying community for most of the day,Im not going in too great detail about flying here ,as i will do all the talking on the hill ,till your ears hurt if its busy,so to keep things safe as possible, with the numbers predicted.
So peeps...meet at wind sock at 10 am for the briefing, the winds might be strongest then and ease up by mid day till the evening , so all day to play,if you get there after 10 am ,track me down before you get your kits out of its bag.And you will need you sunglasses too fly as the sun is blinding when it starts to set.Please read the sites giude before you arrive ,i will be quizzing you.
See you all tommorrow................peachy :)

Could it be Beachy?