dyke new fence

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Be aware all, a new temporary electric fence has been put up on the main take off field.It will be there for approx 4-6 weeks. You are still able to launch but below the fence line,and has a gate to enter.Top landinging the area will need more vigilance.

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new fence


How do you know its only for 4 to 6 weeks?

Does this mean there is a load of cattle also in the take off area?

Or is the fence just there to annoy the crap out of us?

Electric Fence

"Does this mean there is a load of cattle also in the take off area?"

No. There will be a load of scrub-eating ponies.

"Or is the fence just there to annoy the crap out of us?"

Depends what particular facet of its presence you mean. On the one hand someone plants a fence smack across the middle of our runway and on the other hand they used our money to pay for the fence. Still that's agriculture for you.

The science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals (to provide food, wool, and other products)...

Common Agricultural Policy
The transfer of wealth from taxpayers to wealthy landowners.
Ninety percent of the payment goes to the top 10 percent of 'farmers'.
Annual CAP subsidies account for nearly half the European Union budget.
Institutional claimants include the National Trust, which was paid more than £10m in 2014.

Feeling any more annoyed yet?

PS The mad one got them to move it UP the slope a bit, so we could take off and land safely below the fence. It's a pain, but not the end of the world.

Mr M Farmer duly thanked for

Mr M Farmer duly thanked for the fence move. In this weather we can pretend it's the HT cables on the Truleigh run.

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Spoke to the guys erecting fence ,national trust,and about 4 weeks is what they estimate to hold the animals in ,i think they mentioned donkeys.We should thank dave mad farmer watts, for some on the spot diplomacy skills, to get them to move it down for us and add a gate.
Prob wont be an issue if the weather dont change.

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thanks for the answers.. of course it will now go NW and we will have a bunch of ponies freaking out because we are launching wings all over the place.





So, can i now make my point about people leaving kit in the take off area again....

So many times on sites I see people who walk to take off, set up there kit and just either sit there or talk to others on the take off area.

Now that we have a reduced area I can almost guarantee we will still see people who will set up and abuse the take off area..

Its called a take off area for a reason, its not a chat shit area....gather up your kit walk to take off, take off job done, if not ready don't go to take off SIMPLE

If the fence is there or not its irrelevant

I say this as I see it all the time and have mentioned it numerous times...

Do the committee or safety team care.......

Lets see what happens on the next nice day at the dyke

Mick Collins LCGI

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Of course the committee and

Of course the committee and the safety team care. We expect all the schools to teach good launch etiquette during basic training. We all fly and like any responsible pilot will explain the need for good airfield organisation to anyone who may have forgotten. It does require appealing to peoples common sense and better nature, which unfortunately not all people have.

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Consideration for others

You are not alone