Acro in front of launch

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Performing aerobatics over or in front of launch is a really great way to demonstrate that you are an incompetent muppet.

Take off, clear launch.

If you wish to perform acro, find an empty part of the sky well away from any launch or landing areas. Then confine yourself to that area until you wish to return to normal flight.

Check that the airspace is clear before approaching any landing area. join any landing pattern in an orderly manner. Do not spiral or wagga your way to the front of the queue.

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Checks - HASELL


Height - Sufficient?
Airframe - Cleared for manoeuvre?
Security - Straps tight and nothing loose in the cockpit?
Engine - (if fitted) throttle setting correct?
Location - is this a sensible place for the manoeuvre?
Lookout - have you checked for other traffic?

Most of our acro show offs fail on three of these points, any one with any aviation background from another discipline will see this from take off and recognise ignorance.