An invitation to fly in India: South India Jan - Feb.

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1 Jan 2017 - 22:22
15 Mar 2017 - 22:22

It's that time again, when the nights start drawing in, to make plans for the winter migration.

In January and February (and perhaps also March) we're going to South India again for some winter sun and as much flying as we can handle. It's a guided / coaching trip led by Dave Lewis, very experienced in looking after groups in this area. So you can expect a lot more than just "here's a site, go fly." We really work on helping clients to improve their skills and safety. Most people achieve personal bests and come home much more skilled and safer pilots.

This area of India offers superb sites and weather for flying, together with good infrastructure and friendly, easy-going people. A visit to India is certainly an adventure, but really no hardship and nothing to be scared of.

We have sites and experience to look after everyone from fresh CP through to 100km pilots.

We have two main bases, the first offering easy low-airtimer flying (and for this year much nicer accommodation). The second can be a bit more challenging and offers conditions for long, high flights over stunning scenery. Sometimes we take a break and make an expedition to the coast where we have pioneered a couple of excellent coastal sites, well worth another visit and with plenty more options to check out on the way. We like to start off at the easy place to warm up, then move to the more powerful location after a few days or a week. Trips to the beach or elsewhere are made when the group fancies a change or if the weather says that's the place to be.

We'll try to put together small groups of like minded pilots, so please get in touch with your available dates and we'll see what pans out. We can be available from early January (when the conditions start getting interesting) to mid March (when it's getting a bit powerful to be fun). Whatever your level and availability we'll try to make up small groups of similar pilots and always ensure you're well looked after.

Cost is expected to be about £1300 (give or take post-brexit currency disasters) for two weeks including accommodation, transport and meals; pretty well everything apart from your flight (£400ish) and beers. With as close as you can get to guaranteed weather, that represents a lot of quality flying for the money!

You can get in touch with me at or ring me on 07884 072536

More on the website at
Even if you can't come, then please pass this around any flying friends who might be interested.

Best Regards, Dave.
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It's looking like we have a group forming for early January with a few people at a small to medium xc standard.

Early Feb we're juggling refresher training with happy XC flying.

Get in touch if you'd like to join, or propose a date for another session.