Party Postponed until 10-9-2016

Start: 10 Sep 2016 - 17:00
End: 11 Sep 2016 - 13:00
To those planning to attend the SHGC bash this weekend, it is being postponed for one week due to the rain and gusty winds forecast for Saturday evening. The Summer Bash will now be taking place on Saturday 10th September, from 5pm onwards. There will still be a hog roast, beer, plenty of space for camping and the all important roaring fire.

Andreus will cook us fabulous food. Mark will stoke the fire, tunes will be played, beer and wine drunk on a balmy Autumn evening.
A small charge of £10 gets you amazing food and at least one beer.
This will be the last year for Andreus so come taste his wonderful nosh!

Lots of room for tents or huge motor trailers.

All new pilots welcome as are the old fogeys.

Its a very informal and relaxed affair around the campfire, So come and chat parabolox !

Pay at

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Maciej's picture

The venue?

It might be my the very first Club Party at SHGC if I manage to find the venue...

... is where?