Paragliding Shoulder Pain Survey

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I've received this this afternoon - if you can help them, please do:

Subject: Paragliding Shoulder Pain Survey

Dear all,

You have been approached as the published contact for your club to invite its members to participate in a Plymouth University paragliding shoulder pain study. Voluntary participation will be anonymous via an online survey. This survey contains 20 questions and including reading time should take no more than 15 minutes. This request will also be distributed using social media and online forums. Without your help, we will fail to collect any useful data. Please distribute this message to your fellow club members using whatever means your club normally uses to speak to its members. Please include the following information:
Kind Regards,

3rd Year Students:

Marta Farias
Neil Peacock
Zoe Hackett
Tamsin Smith

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Location, location, location.

That's not where I find P/G to be a pain. ;-)

" It's got to be rough to be good!"


I had one of these "Surveys" a while back and my alternative email was spammed like very careful

Mick Collins LCGI

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Not all 'surveys' are the same

Or perhaps it's some hard working students who genuinely need some data to complete their project. It's moot anyway as it's closed now.