Getting back into the sport - New gear required

I'm an uncurrent rusty Club pilot with 25 +/- hrs flown on my former Ozone Vibe XL which I sold several years ago. I'm looking to get back into the sport and pick up where I left off.
I'll consider anything suitable to my needs of a 105 Kg pilot with limited experience.

P.S Was the Vibe replaced by the Buzz ?


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Glad to hear you've got your

Glad to hear you've got your gear sorted. Obviously do make use of the club coaches to help ease you back in until you feel current again. People sometimes think that we are difficult to find and, to be fair, we do blend in a bit but if you ask around you'll find one pretty quickly. Alternatively you can get in touch with us through the website in advance. Most coaches have their phone numbers up and we love to talk about flying so don't worry about about bothering us.
Look forward to seeing you on a hill sometime soon.

L Bolero 4

I have a Orange Gin Bolero 4 L 95-120kg with 30 hours,serviced by the Loft (Good), also Oxygen 2 Harness L and a solar vario, I live in Seaford, so if you are interested and
want to test fly, PM me or ring 01323 896165

Yes - by the Buzz, then the

Yes - by the Buzz, then the Buzz Z, then the Buzz Z3, then the Buzz Z4 and then the Buzz Z5.