Website Weirdness

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Due to a website hosting problem, the web site is showing odd effects - people are getting other members' screens. The solution is either:

  1. If you come here, and see someone else's logged in screen, just hit the 'home' button on the top menu, when your own screen should appear OK.
  2. Set your bookmark to

    Either course will prevent the problem reappearing.

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website problems

dunno if specifics will help...
i seem to get StevenNicholls view of the site (but with none of his access permissions) when i look at a recent post and then go to 'recent posts' to see if there's anything else i might want to read.
also i have no renewals page link on any of my normal views.

this item seems to be about to be posted as from me...

yep. same again i can write

yep. same again i can write a reply as me, preview it, send it all ok. as soon as i go to 'recent posts' i get StenNicholls view

all other menu items seem

all other menu items seem ok. it's just 'recent posts' and the 'home' page that shift me to StevenNicholls view.
if i go to a recent comment item (even my own comment) in the steven nicholls view i then get someone else's view. eek!

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The unvarnished truth

It's a thing called 'Varnish Cache', which has been applied to this web site. It caches all the web pages, and if the page you want is in the cache, it displays that page.

So your request never gets to our program code - the cache intervenes, to save processing time, and sends a cached page. It uses the URL to determine what page it thinks you want. not the page's contents. This is great for static pages (like the weather page, for example), but for interactive sites like ours, is a very bad idea.

So you get someone else's home page (but not their access permissions). Adding a post creates a new URL, not in the cache, so you see it fine, and can edit it OK. Then you go back to your home page, and someone else's gets displayed.

The renewals page has the same problem - you get someone else's page, with their details. When you pay, it's your account that gets updated, but your payment has their reference...

The hosting company removed it, and all was OK, but it seems it's back to caching again. sigh...

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Smae here but Ctrl+F5 fixed it

I got same behaviour as Ian but Ctrl + F5 on the recent posts page seems to have fixed it for me. At least for now.

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See option 2 on the top post

See option 2 on the top post - start at to fix the problem permanently.

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Renewing your membership

Renewing Membership

Until Dave whips the web site into line membership can be renewed by any of the following.

Please don’t forget a reference, name or number or both.


SHGC HSBC Brighton Sort Code 40 14 03 Account 12239078


If you must, a cheque to me. SHGC, secretary, 6 Hawks Road, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3BL

You can always set up an annual standing order:

SHGC HSBC Brighton Sort Code 40 14 03 12239078

Stickers have been ordered and I should be able to collect them next week, when we will start sending them out.

Our web site couldn’t have chosen a worse time to start playing up, please bear with us while
Dave works his magic and fixes it.
I have also emailed this to each member using the email on the membership account, if you didn't get one probably means your email has changed but your membership account has not been updated.


Chris Aegerter


I've renewed & payed via pay pal but the website shows my membership as due ! Pay pal Ref:3820CAPELI .