U2 145 hang glider, approx. 50 hours airtime, VGC!

For sale: U2 145 hangglider, approx. 50 hours airtime, VGC!

- Low hours, great glider for progressing pilot, rare to find them second hand!
- Red and white colour scheme
- Sail in good condition, Mylar LE with Dacron body (best combination for longevity), still crisp
- Good handling, great performance on glide
- All-new lower rigging from Avian this February
- New VG rope also fitted this Feb
- Two spare uprights included
- Base-bar wheels included
- Based in Tonbridge, contact for details/test flight!

It flies beautifully and makes a great wing for a pilot progressing from a Rio or other low-intermediate glider into cross-country flying. It has good handling and landing characteristics, but vastly improved glide at higher speeds (allowing you to make much better progress into-wind). Alternatively it makes a great complement to a rigid-wing glider or as a lighter alternative to a topless with similar performance.

One owner before myself who put about 15 hours on it - I've flown it for 35h. The sail is Dacron (gives better durability and handling) with a mylar leading edge for improved performance, and is still crinkly, excellent condition. Undersurface is white with a red stripe. Flown mostly in the UK apart from one late-season trip to Ager - so UV exposure is negligible!

Fitted with new lower rigging and a new VG rope this winter. Two uprights included in price, along with the base-bar wheels.

Please email me at: nlukes91[at]gmail.com Price: £3k (open to offers). Based in Tonbridge, and please message me for info/test-flights etc.