Today's Mid-Air Collision...

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If anyone has any video of the mid-air collision at Mount Caburn today please would you send it to Dave Thompson at the BHPA. Please also let me have a copy if you would.

By a complete miracle nobody was fatally injured, but one of pilots was hospitalised (edit) with what transpired to be very serious injuries that will put him out of action for most of this season.

This is a warning to all pilots to be vigilant whenever they are flying and to remember to break right, i.e. pull the right brake hard, if a head on collision seems imminent. Preferably don't fly in such a manner that avoiding action is ever necessary, but be ready to perform it at all times...

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Extremely Sorry to see this News

Similar issue occurred to a colleague on a trip to Spain this year.
Sadly, ALL my kit is now on our Classified Site!!

Best wishes & Get well soon Dave...

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up and walking

I have been visiting David Watts recently in Brighton General.

Small steps but an amazing amount of progress in the time he been in hospital.

His mind is sharp and positive, he also says hello to everyone.

PS he has moved wards image says where he is now of 12th June 2017


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Or weight shift to the

Or weight shift to the right, if flying a hanglider.

" It's got to be rough to be good!"

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Perhaps pull in and weight

Perhaps pull in and weight shift right. You won't pass below, but you might turn faster...