Safety Bulletin: EASINESS and EASINESS 2 reversible harnesses

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The connection between the V-lines and the reserve on all EASINESS and EASINESS 2 reversible harnesses must be changed at the next opportunity. A replacement connection line can be obtained from ADVANCE free of charge.

A routine spot check of ADVANCE incoming goods has revealed that the connection between the V-lines and reserve on the EASINESS and EASINESS 2 reversible harnesses does not conform to the French manufacturer Techni Sangle’s guaranteed quality, in other words it is not strong enough. Because it cannot be assured beyond doubt that all the already-built connection lines conform to the required strength based on the inspection sample, ADVANCE have instigated a precautionary recall for all reserve V-connection lower lines for the EASINESS and EASINESS 2 harnesses. Other harnesses conform to their specifications and are not affected. Because of the measured values discovered on the spot check it is possible that a reserve thrown with such a connection at maximum load (120 daN) and at a speed approaching that of free fall might experience a strength problem. Even though such a set of circumstances is extremely unlikely to occur in practical use, we advise all owners of EASINESS and EASINESS 2 reversible harnesses to order the free replacement kit and refit this connection line as soon as possible. Ordering the replacement kit and a guide to how to fit it is online on For all of their almost 30 years ADVANCE have put the highest priority on good workmanship and excellent products. This is why we get the greater part of our prepared raw materials and fittings from high quality European manufacturers. Nevertheless, even with the greatest diligence and foresight technical problems with materials can, unfortunately, not be completely ruled out. We apologize to all EASINESS customers for any concerns or inconvenience raised by this safety notice. If you have any questions or are uncertain what to do please contact your ADVANCE dealer.
Which connection line on which EASINESS/EASINESS 2 reversible harness is affected?
It is only the main line (the strap that actually connects to the reserve) of all EASINESS (delivered from 2012 till 2016) and EASINESS 2 (delivered from 2016 till May 2017); not the top V-section which leads to the shoulder mountings. How can I see if my EASINESS/EASINESS 2 already has a new connection strap that does not have to be changed?
The new section is black – not red, as previously. Furthermore the new one is a bit longer than the old one. What exactly must I do?
The reserve must be taken out of its container in order for a new connection to be made. You can download the instructions for retrofitting and repacking your reserve parachute here: Instructions (PDF) How long does this take?
Depending on the type of reserve bridle to V-connection (Quicklink or loop on loop), the procedure should take between 9 and 15 minutes. What can I do if I would prefer some help?
Please go to your nearest ADVANCE dealer. He will change the strap as a professional.