Mt Caburn to Waldron

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Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
20 Aug 2017
Takeoff site: 
Mount Caburn
Wing Type: 
Wind Direction: 
Wind Strength: 
Thermic activity: 
Pilots present: 

Windy. Not very thermic (at least to start with). Trickled up and away from the hill with a gent on a Delta 2 who turned out to be none other than Hairy Dave. We needed each other to help cling on to a very weak climb that took quite some time before it resolved into a decent heave up to a rather sucky cloudbase. Anxious to move away from the area North of the Eastbourne Airshow, I persuaded myself that I could transition under the clouds to a patch of sun towards the antenna at Cross in Hand. But no. Said patch filled in and now under complete shade and committed to the glide, headed down to the ground - but not before I had identified that the little village of Waldron with its pleasant pub was within reach. Landed a couple of fields behind the pub, joined shortly by Dave. A very pleasant little trip!

XC flight details
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Turnpoint flight
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Turnpoint 2 coordinates: 
Turnpoint 3 coordinates: 
Landing coordinates: 
Landing Place: 
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It was a real pleasure to

It was a real pleasure to fly with you, Pete. A rare treat when the tandem clients called in sick. That long slow climb was certainly best done as a team, I don't think it would have worked for either of us alone. I especially enjoyed that the buzzards and seagulls, who had climbed out and left on the previous climb, got stuck after a few miles and as we flew right over them they flapped around into the base of our thermal and got up again.

Thanks to you Maggie and you for the ride home.