BHPA Coaching course

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9 Dec 2017 - 00:00
10 Dec 2017 - 17:30

There will be a BHPA coaching course in December. The venue is going to be Fly Sussex. The course is free for SHGC members.

This is for CPs or Pilots who want to coach for the club. Also, if you are an existing coach and have not done a coaching course in the last 4-5 years then you will need to update. We only run thee once every couple of years so bear that in mind.

Space on these courses is limited so book sooner rather than later. While the course is free please dont put your name down unless you are definitely going

For any of the CPs wanting to do the course you require a minimum of 10 hours of air time.

For anyone who has not done the coaching course it is recommended and will help with your own flying.

To book a place please contact Si Brewster on 07780 686 653 or email him on

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Are there many (any) spaces

Are there many (any) spaces left?
Cheers, Px

Coach Course places 9-10/12/2017

Places on the coach course are going fast so if you want to complete it let me know. Email or 07780686653

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Coach Course

Thanks for letting me attend the Coach Course at the last minute Si.

It was well worth the effort of getting there,
Some great insights to reflect upon,
many that I can apply to my own flying.

Great to meet everyone too, nice crowd :)