Airsports Sussex and Club Fliers Together!

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Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
15 Oct 2017
Takeoff site: 
Mount Caburn
Wing Type: 
Flex HG
Wind Direction: 
Wind Strength: 
Thermic activity: 
Pilots present: 

8 Tandem flights and some others soaring - the top of Caburn was very busy. A lovely morning out!

Full write-up over here:

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No Splash-Down.

Nice landing and you missed the ditches!

" It's got to be rough to be good!"

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Nice write-up, Dan. Glad you

Nice write-up, Dan. Glad you got a flight in with a bit of encouragement from Nicos and Maciej :) You'd have been disappointed with yourself if you'd gone home without flying. I'm the World's worst (or best?) procrastinator and I know very well the feelings you describe.