pilot exam Meterology and new pilot induction

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25 Jan 2018 - 19:30
25 Jan 2018 - 22:00

Pilot induction from 7.30 pm

Met exam stuff from 8 pm at Glynde social club.
• understand the relationship between wind direction and areas of high and low pressure
• be able to describe in detail a cold front and a warm front (typical clouds, conditions, pressure changes,
wind changes)
• be able to identify some common high, medium and low cloud types, and give their approximate heights
• fully understand convection (the birth and development of a thermal, through to plotting the progress of a
thermal given the ELR and initial temperature)
• understand, and be able to define and use, meteorological terms such as stability, instability, veer, back,
ELR, DALR, SALR, tephigram, anabatic, katabatic
• be able to describe the usual conditions associated with high- and low-pressure weather systems
• understand the causes of: valley winds throughout the day, sea breezes and sea-breeze fronts, wave lift,
fog (of various types)
• fully understand and be able to interpret a synoptic chart - to the extent of being able to describe the
current weather at selected locations, and to forecast likely changes
• be able to link cloud types to precipitation.

You dont need to be taking the exam to come to the talk and it does not matter if you missed the first one.