SIV Course in the first world - Lake Annecy, France. Trip One

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28 Apr 2018 - 12:50
5 May 2018 - 16:00

Groups of only eight pilots.

As well as being educational, SIV is great fun... The initial trepidation at collapsing your perfectly functional glider is rapidly replaced by a huge grin as you learn how safe your wing is and just how easy it is to pilot out of the most unusual attitudes.

If you do manage to get it slightly wrong or are just having too much fun to stop, the fresh water of Lake Annecy waits patiently below...


Saturday: You will arrive at Geneva in the afternoon and will be driven directly to launch for an orientation flight. If you are traveling independently you need to plan to get to Aneccy by 15:00 or you'll miss the first briefing & flight.

Sunday: We'll go over reserve and harness systems, ensuring that everyone knows that theirs will function correctly if required. We'll then do some free flying - Let's see if the magic lift works and we can do the Grand Tour du Lac cross country flight.

Monday to Wednesday: loads of SIV flying, with a little free flying too if conditions permit.

Thursday: More guided XC flying unless the weather means we need to catch up on some SIV.

Friday (Trip one only): Guided XC flying

How much is it going to cost? A measly £700 for trip one & £650 for trip two, including:

- Tuition,

- Lifejacket hire,

- Briefing and video de-briefing,

- Video of the course & XC flying.

Catching the train from the UK to Annecy is a very good way to get there. Civilised and no luggage allowance worries. Also clients often choose to drive down in order to spend more time enjoying the flying in Annecy after the course.

Flights are not included in the cost. However the trip is scheduled around Easy Jet’s low cost Gatwick-Geneva flights. Free transfer from/to Geneva is provided for the specified flights.

Accommodation is not included. However, we will be staying at the Lac Bleu campsite and will try to arrange chalet sharing.

Trip one:
Departure 12:50 Saturday 28th April 2018 Gatwick to Geneva.
Returning 16:00 Saturday 5th May 2018.

Trip two:
Departure 12:50 Saturday 5th May 2018 Gatwick to Geneva.
Returning 16:00 Friday 11th May 2018.

To confirm your place please send us a cheque for £700/650, payable to 'Airtrips' or, preferably, make a bank transfer as soon as possible - Spaces are very limited and we are not planning any further SIV trips for this year.

See you in Annecy!

Steve Purdie

Book now on 01273 434002.

P.S. If you fly an uncertified comp wing in a canoe harness, do SIV on that. Do not remove pods or otherwise change your setup for SIV! You will not learn how to fly your rig if you do...

P.P.S. If we get a rainy day we will aim to go skiing instead of moping about.