Pilot Lectures part 3 - Flight Theory and instruments

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22 Feb 2018 - 19:30
22 Feb 2018 - 22:00

Bit of a mixture this one.

7.30 till 8 pm ( or later with the help of some coaches) Induction for new pilots

8 till 10 ish
A quick review of the met data plus a worked example of lapse rates

Then into Flight theory.

At Glynde Social club as usual

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Lapse rate exercise

A lapse rate exercise:
The ELR is given from the following:
Height: Temp:
0 20
1000 15
2000 12
3000 9
4000 6
5000 3
6500 6
8000 3
A thermal leaves the ground with a temperature of 20’C , dew point is 10’C
What height would you expect cloud base to be?
Draw a diagram to work out how high you expect the clouds to be.(DALR 3’C, SALR 1.5’C, DewPoint lapse rate 0.5’C per 1000ft)