GoPro 3 and 4+Black for sale

Go Pro 4 Black
Brand new unit sent direct from the factory as a replacement .
It comes with everything you see in the photos (apart from the helmet) :-

Helmet mount for the ultimate selfie. ( Helmet not included)
Go pro standard housing
Tripod mount for selfie stick or tripod
Carry case case( brand new)
Lightweight housing so you don’t have to use the normal clumsy housing It also allows you to plug in audio and other cables which you can’t do with the normal housing.
4 x batteries
1x external multi battery charger
Wrist mount for the remote control. Easy start and stop recording whilst in the air, on the snow, or when you cant be fumbling around.

Go Pro 3+ Black in good condition no lens scratches.
+3x batteries
+External charger
+Selfie stick
+Carry case


GoPro 4 Pictures

GoPro 3 Pictures