Aerotow Group

The Southern Hang Gliding Club has an active aerotow group for hang glider pilots.

Glider being towed

The aerotow tug enables pilots to get into the sky when everything is right except the wind direction for hill launching.  This means a lot more flying time. 

A powered hangglider trike has a tow-line back to a hangglider on a wheeled trolly.  After a few metres the hanglider lifts off the trolly, leaving it on the ground, and is towed up to around 2000 feet whereupon the pilot of the hangglider releases the line. See an aerotow launch and flight here.

Glider ready to launch

Glider launches

Shortly it will also be possible for tandems to get into the sky too, giving everyone the fun of flying with an experienced instructor at the controls.

The exact days that the aerotow happens varies due to weather, and isn't just limited to weekends (though this is more common). There is an email group that discusses when it's on; for more information contact Ozzie Haines.

The site is just south of Plumpton rid
ge, here on a map.


Aerotow membership is £50 per year (though this year there's an additional £20) and is open to all BHPA Members with a HG-Tow rating.  A tow to 2000ft costs £6 for members and £12 for non-members. Aerotow training is available for £160 which includes tows and one year's membership.

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