BCC Round Shropshire 18/19 April

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18 Apr 2009 - 00:00
19 Apr 2009 - 21:00

1 Team (max 6) has been entered for this round.

The following are interested in this round - if you are able to attend please leave a comment by clicking on the link below the text with your name and where you will be travelling from.

Mark Rubinstein - Brighton area
Pete Campbell - Hastings area
Mark Grant - Heathrow area
Dave Massie - Horsham area
David Webb - Brighton area
Alison Webb - Brighton area
Neil Charles - London area ??

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BCC Round Shropshire 18/19

Sounds like it was a very succesful BCC round in Shropshire 18/19 April.

Any reports on how it went for the SHGC team (other than what's already been posted in the flight diaries)?

Best wishes

Carlo Borsattino


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BCC - This Weekend

Anyone - is this round going ahead? If so does anyone have any details for it? i.e campsites etc.



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BCC - This Weekend

Looks like the Powis Arms, meet at 10am on Saturday. Details as on the LMSA site in Charlie's message.

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Shropshire BCC this weekend

The BCC in Shropshire is going ahead and the forecast looks good for some flying.
The Long Mynd Soaring Club is having it's Spring Bash on the Saturday night and you are welcome to join in and there are camping facilities available there. More details at http://www.longmynd.org/calendar/show/111

I can't make it as I'm in Bangkok until Wednesday but good luck and enjoy !


Shropshire BCC this weekend

When is anyone travelling? It's beginning to look as if Saturday might be a bit windy until late afternoon. I'm not sure whether to drive up Friday night, or Saturday morning...

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Whats the story

Hi Charlie,

I would like to come on this trip too. I take it if the teams is full, we can still come along and fly?

The usuall - have Space, South london.



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Shropshire and car sharing

Hi Charlie

I'd love to come along as well. Like Andrew and others I don't mind just being there to fly independently.

Are people driving down on Friday noght or Saturday? I live in Woking but would love to get a lift (sharing costs etc.) and happy to come up to London.

See you all soon.


BCC Round Shropshire 18/19

I'm keen to come, but will be happy to be a non-scoring (wind) dummy. Coming from south-west London with van, can take several people and/or gear.

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BCC Round Shropshire 18/19

I seem to remember that you did rather well at Bell Hill BCC last year.


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BCC Round Shropshire 18/19

Are we sending our big guns? and will Dave M upset the local gliding club?

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Big Guns

It's handicapped so ideally our team will consist of CP rated pilots flying DHV 1/2 wings a long way !
ie. if you are AP rated flying a DHV2/3 then you will only score 64% of your distance.

And yes, I'm sure Dave will manage to upset some narrow-minded, local wannabe sky-god with a big chip on his shoulder about non-locals flying further than his club members. Again. But no, not the local gliding club.

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Big Guns

Was with you right up until flying a long way.

I'm SE London based - Lewisham.

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We now have 6 for a team but please continue to register interest in case people aren't able to make it.