Dual Flying

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It has come to my attention that a small number of pilots have been flying dual while not appropriately licensed.

Unlicensed pilots may not fly dual with any passenger who is not themselves at least a licensed dual pilot.

I must remind you that this is strictly in contravention of BHPA mandatory safety requirements and they will be uninsured if they do so.

Duals may also only be flown when fitted with an appropriate certified reserve.


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I Don't Do It Very Often

I WAS rated for dual piloting, but went to live in Italy for three years. I joined FIVL in Italy and they gave me a dual rating on the strength of my IPPI card and my currency of dual flying. When we came back to England (still current dual) the BHPA said my rating had lapsed as I hadn't paid a subscription (to them) and kept it current (with them) for the three years abroad. I haven't been arsed to re-apply for the rating as I rarely take passengers up and so am, sadly, not insured for dual flying.

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