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Devils Dyke rule change: NEVER inflate gliders on or below the paddock footpath. ALWAYS check all around for traffic.

Good airmanship requires that paragliders must not be inflated in or below the paddock unless their pilots can see that there are no hang gliders present.
It is not possible for them to to so from low down the paddock, still less in front, without their first walking up to a position above the brow of the hill.


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Flying with model aircraft

Some notes from last night's meeting with Allen Elliott from the East Sussex Soaring Association.

The modellers are keen to break down any barriers between "us" glider pilots and "them" model pilots. We all recognise that we share the same airspace and the same land owners. Any incidents, be they in-air or ground-based confrontations, need to be resolved swiftly and amicably in the interests of safety and good land owner relations.

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BHPA Rules for Individual Flying Members - a reminder...

1. Pilots must comply with Air Law.

2. All accidents and incidents must be reported to the BHPA using the Incident Report Form
within 48 hours. Any fatal or potentially fatal accident must also be reported to the police
and the Air Accident Investigation Branch immediately.

3. Pilots involved in any type of incident that could lead to an insurance claim must not
admit fault or liability.

4. A well fitting helmet must be worn on all flights. The helmet should be CE marked EN
966 in the HPG category.

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HG reserve issues. Maybe PG harnesses from same manufacturer too?

Dear pilot colleagues!

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Pod harness safety

It seems the DHV are now addressing the issues of paragliding pod harnesses with dodgey reserve systems, back protectors, etc. and their inappropriate use by recreational pilots.

Their report is at

Reserves and back protectors are just the glaring problems with some of these harnesses. There are numerous other areas in which some of these types are found wanting and I expect the DHV will get on the case in due course.

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How to hold brake handles and survive

I've found the organisers initial statement regarding Dillip's death in Bulgaria (below). Apart from slow rescue services, the main issue is that he was found with a half deployed parachute and the brakes still in his hands. They suggest that holding the brakes and trying to deploy would influence glider behaviour. It would certainly impede throwing of the reserve.

Caburn Car Park

I have been contacted by Glynde Estates about our use of the car park. They have received complaints from local residents about the gate being left open and/or unlocked, and a suggestion that the field is being used for parking by people who are not club members. As most of us are aware, the site is sensitive at the moment, and we need to avoid giving Glynde Estates any impression that we are not complying with all the conditions of our licence, which is due for renewal at the end of July. Could I ask all members, therefore, to be particularly aware of the need to abide by the following: