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How to hold brake handles and survive

I've found the organisers initial statement regarding Dillip's death in Bulgaria (below). Apart from slow rescue services, the main issue is that he was found with a half deployed parachute and the brakes still in his hands. They suggest that holding the brakes and trying to deploy would influence glider behaviour. It would certainly impede throwing of the reserve.

Caburn Car Park

I have been contacted by Glynde Estates about our use of the car park. They have received complaints from local residents about the gate being left open and/or unlocked, and a suggestion that the field is being used for parking by people who are not club members. As most of us are aware, the site is sensitive at the moment, and we need to avoid giving Glynde Estates any impression that we are not complying with all the conditions of our licence, which is due for renewal at the end of July. Could I ask all members, therefore, to be particularly aware of the need to abide by the following:

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Parachute Packing Error

I just repacked an Independence Annular EVO reserve which was last repacked by the owner under supervision at the Zip Slide event before Christmas.

The reserve had been folded at 90 degrees to the design plane. i.e. folded like an Apco Mayday, rather than the intended short concertina folds.

When packed in this manner the reserve opening will be delayed and it is not impossible that it will fail to deploy.

If you packed your reserve like this, please refer to me, The Loft or any Independence dealer for advice on how to do it properly.

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Pre-flight check or die!

Also be extra careful with leg straps with a flight deck or a canoe (pg or hg) harness...

As we have seen here, a flight deck is enough to cause this problem, it is not limited to canoe harnesses. The mandatory pre-launch check which we all perform before each and every launch (!) will ensure this doesn't happen to one of us...

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Advance Impress 3 reserve container issues

Subject: IMPRESS 3: Service Bulletin

As a result of new information the IMPRESS 3 reserve inner container has been remodelled and the permissible reserve volumes for the S and M size harnesses adjusted. The new container can be obtained free of charge from our dealers.

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Mount Caburn site rules refresher

We are seeing a number of Mount Caburn site rules being disregarded of late. Please ensure that you adhere to all of the site rules as the landowner lives locally and does not need our custom!

Rules being disregarded:
- Do not launch from below the 'top of the hill' i.e., not from half way up the hill to avoid the walk up. See the last item in this list.
- Keep the car park locked at all times. In particular when pilots are in the field as this can encourage non-members to enter.
- Right hand 360 only until more than 1000' above launch