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Windsocks - let's use them, safely.

As Wolf (?) says, windsocks are dead handy for making sure the landing is right on the spot, but lets try to make sure they're placed a good bit upwind of the target itself. We should also only use windsock sticks that are safe to fall / drop a glider on. Pass the risk assessment form someone....

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Failed Maillon Report

Original at:

Unformatted text:

British Hang Gliding
and Paragliding
Association Ltd
8 Merus Court
Meridian Business Park
Leicester LE19 1RJ
Tel (0116) 289 4316
Fax (0116) 281 4949
Issued by Angus Pinkerton - Chairman of the Flying & Safety Committee 23 August 2011.
All paraglider power pilots, Instructors, Coaches and Safety Officers must READ, DIGEST AND TAKE
ACTION on the contents of this Notice and keep it for future reference.

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Hurstmonceaux Laser

The XC heads will be familiar with the thermal from by the Hurstmonceaux observatory and may have noticed the laser warning shown on the air chart. One of the staff informed me that it is very big, very powerful and is operated at any time of day or night. It's used to measure movement of tectonic plates by bouncing off a satellite or the moon to be picked up at receivers all over the planet. Apparently when it goes off it looks like something from star trek!

While it's only an advisory on the chart, it didn't sound like something you'd want to fly through.

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Summer 2011

Sorry, but this Safety Briefing is anything but brief and is really a concoction of several missives I have posted over the last few years, all of which remain painfully relevant today:

Once upon a time in the Southern Club there was gentlemanly behaviour in the sky. And it was Good.

Pilots on the ground were aware that they are the lowest form of aviation and justly gave way to all those above them. They even looked to check.

Pilots thermalling were given right of way and ridge soaring pilots would turn back before interrupting the thermalling pilot's 360.

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The perils of helmet mounted cameras...

Still, at least it was all on video...

looks like a swivel would not have gone amiss either.

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Small maillon failure

The small quick link (copy of a maillon-rapide) securing the lines to the risers on a Paramania glider failed during the test flight of a new wing.

The wing was produced at the Gin factory, so a number of different brands could be affected. (Gin gliders appear to use the real deal)

Do check that your are stamped or engraved with the EN number.

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Notes from Glynde Coaching Meeting 26/5/11 - Thermalling

Some notes from our thermalling discussions. see attachment.